Text Annotation


Text Annotation service for Sentence Quality

Labeling the keywords in each sentence is important to make the entire phrase understandable to machine learning algorithms. Hence, we do text annotation with sentence-level performance using the right tools and techniques. Our text annotation service is available for multiple languages with the same level of accuracy.

Text Annotation service for NLP in Machine Learning

Text Annotation helps machines to recognize the crucial words in a sentence making it more meaningful. The texts are annotated with metadata and highlighted with specific color and shades which is done by the highly skilled annotators making sure each text is read carefully to train the NLP machine learning algorithm accurately.


Text Annotation service for NLP in Speech Recognition.

Natural language processing is carried out with properly annotated texts, so that machines learning algorithms can easily understand the texts and string of words in multiple languages between humans. We text annotation NLP, makes such sentences recognizable by annotating with added metadata labeling process.

Text Categorization service for NLP

It is the process of organizing the texts data available into various formats like mails, chat conversations, websites, social media, online portals. Text classification NLP helps to classify the important keywords into multiple categories to make it understandable to machines. Cogito provides the best quality text classification data set for natural language processing through machine learning or deep learning.


Text Categorization service for Sentiment and Intent Analysis

We understand the sentiments of customers through feedback, reviews and comments and for that text classification is important. Text Classification for sentiment and intent analysis helps to categorize the important keywords which describe attitudes, emotions, and opinions and the customer intent which include request, command, recommendations, etc that define the sentiments of the people. We also offer text classification with precision to accurately know the feelings of different age groups of people.

Text Categorization service for Text Document Classification

This will be done through NLP. And while classifying the texts, it is important to assign one or more classes or categories to a document that becomes easy to sort. In machine learning supervised and unsupervised document classification is done as per the algorithms. We classify such sensitive data in line with the confidentiality requirements.


Text categorization service for Accurate Text

We provide text categorization services, with annotation for NLP. It has a well-organized data classification and annotation team to meticulously annotate and classify the words into their suitable category. We ensure impeccable quality and accuracy at every stage while processing millions of tasks each month.

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