Machine Learning


Machine Learning

Facial Recognition

We design and develop advanced computer vision and AI solutions for clients to help them stay ahead of the curve. Our team of computer vision professionals has expertise in deploying seamless facial recognition, image recognition.

Machine Learning Programming

Our AI developers build custom machine learning software to create actionable decision models and automate business processes. We clean datasets, execute classification, clustering ,regression and deploy models across the systems.

Video Analysis

Detect the street lanes lines accurately for autonomous vehicle perception models making AI successful for self-driving cars in drivable areas.

Image Analytics

Label each pixel of an image with semantic segmentation for fine grained understanding of images solving the computer vision problem into image segmentation deep learning.

Natural Language Processing

NPL services includes Sentiment Analysis, Text Analysis, Language Detection, Content classification, Key Phrase extraction , Machine Translation.

Deep Learning

Leverage our expertise in Deep Learning to build cognitive business technology frameworks that act like a human being. By digging deeper into complex data, we unleash enormous opportunities for your business and deliver precise solutions.

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