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Machine Learning

The technology-enabled AI-ML models are now essential for global businesses. These all smart models are driven by high quality and precise data flow. Aventurine offers best-in-class computer vision and AI solutions. Having a diverse pool of experienced professionals and access to cutting-edge technologies, we constantly strive to deliver advanced facial recognition and image recognition systems.

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Data Annotation service for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence companies seeking high-quality training data for diverse businesses.

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AWS Cloud Technologies

Our AWS experts will examine your existing infrastructure, as well as investigate the overall architecture and a services interaction model to offer you the best solution.

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Why Aventurine

Data Security Assured

As an experienced provider of data annotation services, we adhere to strict data protection and privacy requirements when providing data support for AI/ML models to ensure confidentiality.

Precise and High-Quality Data

Our professionals are experts at providing best-in-class quality data annotation services with the highest degree of accuracy across several auditing and evaluating data stages.

Fully Scalable Solutions

With a team of certified annotators, we can meet our client's needs by offering fully flexible solutions with a rapid turnaround time.

Competitive Pricing

Attempting to resolve all of your IT issues internally can quickly become expensive and distracting. Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting firms like us helps ensure that your company remains stable.


Annotation Tools

Polygon Annotation

Making asymmetrical and coarse object in images or videos recognizable for computer vision with human-powered polygon annotation services.

Bounting Boxes

A low-cost annotation service for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking high-quality training data for diverse businesses

3D Cuboid Annotation

Visualizing the objects labeled in 3D point clouds for more precise detection and classification for right dimensions and tracking label at high accuracy.

Polyline Annotation

Detect the street lanes lines accurately for autonomous vehicle perception models making AI successful for self-driving cars in drivable areas.

Landmark Annotation

Plotting a sequence of points to generate accurate datasets determining the shape of varied sized objects allowing computers to detect the smaller objects.

Semantic Segmentation

Label each pixel of an image with semantic segmentation for fine grained understanding of images solving the core computer vision problem into image segmentation deep learning.

Industries We Serve

AI Security

Aventurine is an excellent forum for obtaining high-quality training data sets for artificial intelligence cameras used in security surveillance systems. By primarily using bounding box image annotation to detect and recognize different objects and suspicious behavior.


Aventurine creates training data sets for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in agriculture. Artificial intelligence applications in agriculture include semantic segmentation and polygon annotations for improved farming.


AI in manufacturing improves productivity and performance by automated assembly lines, quality control, predictive maintenance, and performing various tasks. To train robots capable of working in multiple industries, visual perception scenarios must be recognizable using computer vision training data.


Aventurine offers a Medical image annotation service for the healthcare sector using semantic segmentation and polygon image annotation for organ segmentation and disease diagnosis. In medical imaging, AI and machine learning are essential for studying and diagnosing a variety of acute diseases.



We are experienced professionals who understand that IT services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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